How Users of Alcatel ZIP Find SIM Number on Their Devices ?


How Users of Alcatel ZIP Find SIM Number on Their Devices ?. Alcatel might not be the most renowned mobile device brand out there. However, its products certainly gain the solid consumer base. It offers nice quality phones in affordable price range. ZIP LTE is one of the producer’s products that have been going around market for a while. This time, let’s discuss how users of Alcatel ZIP find SIM number on their phones. Why would you need a SIM number in your daily life? Everything related to it will be discussed in the next part.

Finding SIM Number on Alcatel ZIP LTE

For its built in features, ZIP is an attractive choice for phone users. The main processor being used inside this phone is 1.1GHz Snapdragon 210 with Quad Core. That system is paired with RAM in size of 2GB. It is able to keep your files easily because of the maximum memory capacity of 16GB. The 5MP camera is not too exquisite but can still do good job. Android 7.1 is used as the operating system of this affordable mobile device. With its 2460mAh battery, you can expect it to survive sixteen hours without charging.

Now, let’s learn about the importance of SIM number. For your information, SIM number also has technical name ICCID which stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier. There are 19 to 20 digits which comprise an ICCID. The identifying number is unique. It shows that phone owner has subscribed to SIM card provider’s service by owning the card.

How users of Alcatel ZIP find SIM number on their phones? Usually the identifying number can be seen printed on your physical SIM card. However, the phone users can actually identify this number inside their device’s system. Follow these simple steps to do that.

How Users of Alcatel ZIP Find SIM Number on Their Devices

1. Open your phone and go to the main screen.

2. Access your apps options.

3. Click the icon for “Settings”.

Click the icon for “Settings”

4. Under menu called “System” you will find “About device” or “About phone”.

Under menu called “System” you will find “About device” or “About phone”

5. Click that option.


6. Click “Status”.

Click that option

7. Click “IMEI Information”.

Click “Status”

In that tab, you will see series of digits under name ICCID. That is the number that you are looking for.

Click “IMEI Information”

The identifying number is useful if you want to locate your lost phone. It is because GPS tracker is embedded within every SIM card. When your phone is lost, you can contact SIM provider immediately. You need to have ICCID and phone number at hand, so provider will be able to locate the phone easily. Even if your phone is not connected to internet, SIM provider is still able to determine where it is at unless the card is already detached from your phone. It is recommended to record your ICCID number for this purpose just in case the phone gets lost in the future.

Well, SIM number has an important function. You should know and record it because it may come handy later. Every phone user must know how to find their ICCID or SIM number. Users of Alcatel ZIP find SIM number with the method that has been explained above.