How to Update Kodi on Android Box to Get the New Version


Android becomes major operating system for smartphone and other mobile devices. You find this system in almost devices on market. As open source, Android has utmost advantage to let principal manufacturers creating their interface or launcher. Besides mobile device, Android also expands into television industry. So, how to update Kodi on Android Box? Before answering this question, you should know about Kodi and its system related to Android. TV box is external device to connect into TV then stream any media via internet. You can play favorite movie or enjoy video from movie distributor or similar provider. It takes internet connection to stream directly into TV. There are several products for TV box with different system, including Android. Therefore, it is called Android Box because it uses box shape as the main peripheral and remote control.

Several Ways on How to Update Kodi on Android Box

How to Update Kodi on Android Box to Get the New Version
How to Update Kodi on Android Box to Get the New Version

What is Kodi and how to update Kodi on Android Box? Both questions will be answered respectively. In simple definition, Kodi is organizing application for multimedia, home media, and entertainment. You can access media such as movie, video, TV channel, podcast, etc., in single application. You may familiar with music player that’s capable to organize artist, album, playlist, new song, favorite, and related feature. That is similar analogy for Kodi, except this application is capable for organizing all media related to TV. Understanding how Kodi work is important before updating.

  1. Updating via Google Play

How to update Kodi on Android Box via Google Play? Android users are surely familiar with Google Play as a place to find applications. It is the most important feature for Android device, including Android Box. In Google Play, you can update and upgrade Kodi from old to new version. The process is simple and straightforward. The only difference is you do it on TV, not smartphone. Do you know why Android Box or similar device has the remote? Well, you can use touch mode to operate smartphone, but cannot do such thing on TV. Remote is the tool to access features from Android. Google Play will be easy to find because it is visible as primary application. Select three striped icons on the corner then choose My App. You will find all of applications installed on device. Android will give information whether the applications are required to update or not. When buying Android Box, Kodi might be old version, so updating is important to get better function. That is the main purpose when answering how to update kodi on android box.

You see Kodi as one of applications needed for new update. Select this app and choose the update section. The process will start automatically to adjust with recent version. It may takes time to complete this process depends on the internet connection. To access Kodi, you need to have sufficient bandwidth to access the internet. After updating is done, the application will synchronize into new version. This may take longer when you have very old version of Kodi. The next step on how to update Kodi on Android Box is checking. Android Box works better for new TV technology. However, it does not mean your TV is not supported. New version requires recent device and technology. That is why few people still hesitate to update their Kodi into recent release. They do not want to get technical issue after updating is done. You will overcome this situation in the next step.

  1. Manual update

Good news about how to update Kodi on Android Box is manual mode. Google Play is legitimate application to control every application installed on the device. Unfortunately, some devices cannot install certain apps due to security and restriction system. This is why manual mode is good option to choose. On smartphone, you can open setting section then unlock the unknown source part. It gives permission to install any application though apk mode. What is apk? Before using software, you have to install it on computer. Well, software has unique file type. This matter is similar to Android and apk is unique form of raw application before installation on device. If you are familiar with Linux, the process is quite similar because Android uses the same kernel as Linux. Apk will be at the internal storage. Android Box is capable to access internet. The device uses similar specification such as RAM, memory, GPU, CPU, and storage. There are several types of Android Box based on its architecture. Some of them are similar to game console and computer. The rest is just advanced model of tablet.

How to update kodi on android box manually? Find setting section on TV then select security and restriction. Turn the unknown sources part on. You need to remove or uninstall recent Kodi. It can be done from setting or Google Play. One issue is backup data and recent setting on your Kodi. They might be lost and cannot be restored again. After uninstallation is done, prepare Kodi apk. Android Box is similar to smartphone and other digital device with storage. Find this apk then load it automatically. The device will install Kodi immediately. Wait until the process is done then check again to make sure everything is in proper order. Besides the disadvantage, you may use manual mode for benefit to prevent compatible mode. You can use manual mode on how to update Kodi on Android Box to back into the old version due to stability.

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Now, you already knew how to get the update version of Kodi. Some people ask about official and non-official release. What is their difference? Official release comes from legitimate developer. On the other hand, non-official release may be the customized version of Kodi to suit certain device. Kodi is cross platform, including Android. Stable and official release does not have third party involvement. Moreover, this version will keep side by side with recent Android development. When new Android is released, Kodi will have new update to adjust with new system. Of course, you may keep the old version with limited at function and capability. When asking for how to update Kodi on Android Box, the answer is only two ways. You can do via Google Play as similar to common applications or with another way by manual mode that’s already explained above.