All the Things to Know about Fossil Smartwatch


The idea of having Fossil smartwatch is definitely appealing, especially for those gadget savvy people. It IS interesting to see how a fashion brand like Fossil will come up with the latest technology that has made a fuss, both in the technology and fashion industries. How is the result? Is Fossil able to deliver quite promising feature and performance?

Fossil Smartwatch and the Latest Technology

Fossil has a rather ambitious plan: to produce around 100 smartwatches within its eight fashion brands. If you have heard about Fossil Q Wander or Marshal or Founder, they have been a part of those eight variants. Of course, don’t get your hopes high for those 100 Fossil smartwatch. They may be attractive in design but will they be able to deliver the same perfection for the technology?

There are also some things that you should know about the lines of Fossil smartwatch. Let’s talk about Q Marshal, for a starter. It is the twin item from Q Wander, which has been designed for style and fashion in mind. With a tag price set around $300, you certainly hope to get the best item possible, right? In terms of style and design, they are super classy and elegant. Yes, it may be a bit more expensive than the regular classic timepiece but with the extra technology, the price range is considered worthy.

1. The Design

Fossil Smartwatch and the Latest Technology
Fossil Smartwatch and the Latest Technology

The design for Marshal is good, as you can expect from Fossil. After all, the company focuses on the design first before they pack it with technology, not the other way around. With a size of 45mm and 14mm thickness, the Marshal is smaller than Founder. But still, you have to admit that it is still chunky. For those with small wrist, this piece will be too big. Q Wander has the same dimension although it is designed for women users. It seems that Fossil is targeting those with appeal for big and chunky timepiece.

With Marshal Fossil smartwatch, you can enjoy the various design options as they all come with different designs, look, and style. The first one is the Brown Leather. As the name suggests, it comes with leather straps (brown, of course) and also body of blue stainless steel.  The second variant is the Black Silicone, with silicone strap (as you may have guessed) and black body. The third one is the Stainless Steel, with the band and face of stainless steel.

The fourth one is the Smoke Stainless Steel. The fourth variant is almost the same as the Stainless Steel but with darker hue and higher price range. The last one is Cory Richards edition with two different band options. One is the brown leather along with orange and white stitching and the other one is the stainless steel. This last piece is the most expensive, probably because of the special edition type.

2. The Flexibility

One thing to like about Fossil watches is the fact that you can change the straps. It is no different with the Fossil smartwatch types. It may be able to do some tricky businesses with the features but then again, it is a part of a fashion accessory so Fossil decides to retain this special feature.

3. The Functions

So, why would you bother buying the Fossil smartwatch, anyway? If you have always wanted to look like your favorite spy, tweaking your wristwatch and talking to it as if you were talking to other people, this is the perfect piece. The watch basically has the same function as your smartphone. You can expect email notification, a remainder, or such thing alike from your watch.

All the Things to Know about Fossil Smartwatch
All the Things to Know about Fossil Smartwatch

The watch is strong enough to handle a little drizzle or water but don’t take it for a swim or you will end up with a heavy useless thing on your wrist. The time limit is 30 minutes for being submerged in 3 feet of depth. If it is a little deeper than that or a little longer, don’t expect your watch to remain functional.

4. The Features

This Fossil smartwatch is running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 Wear processor with 4GB memory and RAM of 512MB. It has WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth 4.1. With Android Wear 2.0 OS, it is better than the previous 1.0 version. It is pretty fast and responsive but don’t expect more than that. It doesn’t have cellular radio, GPS, and heart rate monitor. Screen quality is quite nice but it doesn’t do any good when facing a direct sunlight. It would have been better if Fossil can do something to improve its functionality.

5. The Flaws

Some of the users are not really satisfied with the performance of this watch, especially because they are hoping a lot from the technological side. For a starter, the features are quite limited. If you think that your watch can be a replacement for your smartphone, it isn’t. And to be able to operate the watch requires voice command, but you literally have to speak rather loud to get it going. Instead of looking cool, some people feel silly when using this feature.

If you want Fossil smartwatch for its design and fashion aspect, this watch will be perfect for your needs. But if you want a completely functioning watch with impressive technology, you may be disappointed with it. Battery life is pretty decent, though. You can expect it to last for 24 hours, and even longer if you safe the battery and use less apps. But then again, you can’t expect much because it doesn’t have much to offer, anyway.

6. The Good and Bad

From the style and design, it is a good classic watch with nice custom ability. The software is responsive and fast. However, the features are quite limited and light. Not to mention that the design is pretty bulky and big for the standard size and dimension. When it comes to features and usages, the price range is considered too high.

This watch can be a good part of your collection, especially if you are into Fossil so much. It is up to you to have it or not, whether you want to own it for fashion reason or technological aspect. After all, this Fossil smartwatch comes in different variants so you can really have different attractive options.