5 Smartphone Features List for Smarter Device

Smartphone Features List for Smarter Device

People call smartphone for some reasons such as technology, specs, display, operating system, design, etc. From all of them, the most common matter is a feature. What do you get from a list of smartphone features? Is it high definition screen? Is it camera or storage? All of them are correct and nod definitive answer when discussing the feature in a smartphone. To put in the simple explanation, the features will be divided several categories and you are familiar with all of them. The list is not limited to recent tech, but also future tech that’s ready to implement on a device.

Nowadays, Android dominates smartphone industry as the top operating system. Many manufacturers give the best effort to attract more customers to purchase their product. You may find two or more smartphones with the same specs and design. The Certain feature makes big effect from customer’s perspective. For example, premium brand is no longer available with the infrared port. On contrary, competitor still has the commitment to support such technology on smartphone features list.

Some Smartphone Features List

Smartphone Features List for Smarter Device
Smartphone Features List for Smarter Device

1. Design and display

What do you see when the new smartphone is launched? The simplest answer is to design, especially the size. A touchscreen is the most common display for recent phone and several screen sizes are available to support any customer’s preference. The design is on the top of smartphone features list, which consists of weight, dimension, screen size, and display resolution. In past time, people were familiar with the flip, candy bar, and clamshell designs. Those things are rarely to find in smartphone due to lack of practical and functional. Imagine you access browser, which only uses a keypad. Screen resolution will determine a capability of a display to play a multimedia file with HD definition such as the movie, photo, and video.

2. Camera

A Recent smartphone cannot be separated from a camera. You get a camera at least 5 MP for the decent device. Several years ago, 2 MP was the premium feature. In less than five years, a premium smartphone has camera more than 10 MP, even 16 MP. This means the camera cannot be ignored when discussing smartphone features list. The camera consists of two types; primary at back and secondary at front. The camera comes with other features such as face detection, geo-tagging, autofocus, LED flash, etc.

3. Platform

The most important thing to make the smartphone be smart device is the platform such as memory, storage, chipset, GPU, and CPU. GPU relates to graphic and it works together with a display to deliver utmost definition. Basically, a smartphone is a smaller version of a laptop, so RAM and processor work at the same technology. Storage consists of external and internal. Smartphone use slot card to gain more storage. Hardware is at the top of smartphone features list to consider when you buy a new device at the store.

4. Software

Hardware goes side by side with software and the operating system determines everything. Several operating systems are available in this industry. You may see that Android is the most popular at all. Software in the smartphone is varying, depends on utility, functional, and practical. The game is part of the software. The camera may be broken, but you cannot get utmost utilisation when software has the issue. This is also the top essential thing in smartphone features list.

5. Battery

Network and connectivity increase the capability of the smartphone. Of course, you put them in smartphone features list. Smartphone uses an advanced network, particularly internet. It may still available to do basic phone function, but people start to change the way communication should work. Calling friend or family abroad is not a big problem anymore.

Everything will work when the battery is at full condition. Sophisticated specs affect battery consumption. Until now, manufacturers try to reduce battery consumption with many ways. They use application or new hardware. Expanding battery capacity finds another issue because the size should be bigger to compensate with big battery. From this point, you see that battery is not separable from smartphone features list.