RoboStir Is a Single Person’s New Best Friend


As soon as I opened the Robo Stir package I had some water boiling on the stove. I wanted to first make sure that it could really withstand those hot temperatures they claim it can take. When the water became super, boiling hot I turned on the RoboStir and placed inside the pot. I left it there for a good couple of minutes and just observed how it worked. It moved its arms around without any problems and circled the pot just as they claimed it would. But the real test was still to be determined! Did it take all that heat? I pulled out the device and carefully examined all the parts. No problem. No problems at all. I saw no signs of melting, scorching or burning.

I then decided to try out one of my staple dishes: some spaghetti sauce. When I first placed it inside I was a bit disappointed. It lacked the motion and speed that I saw in the boiling water. Then I realized I made the classic mistake. I didn’t read the instructions! After reading them fully (they’re actually not that long) I realized the RoboStir has three speeds and the highest speed was recommended for thicker sauces. I still had it on the lowest setting. I press the button two more times, put in back in the sauce and it worked fine! Then I decided to see how the Robo Stir would stand up to another thicker food item: vegetable stew. A perfect choice for these colder Winter months, right? Having learned my lesson about the three power speeds I made sure the RoboStir was set on high and I placed it inside the stew. It worked great and the stew is being well enjoyed.

RoboStir Is a Single Person's New Best Friend

The Robostir certainly seems to offer unique assistance in the kitchen. I have a great handheld mixer and it does, of course, have a bit more power but I couldn’t leave that unattended nor is designed to stir hot food. I know there are high-end mixers that are attached to a base that are on the market and I could theoretically place it on some kind of angle into my pot or pan but I’m pretty sure that would be a disaster just waiting to happen. Not to mention it wouldn’t stir around the entire pot or pan by itself. I have some great stirring spoons but, like my handheld mixer, they can’t stir food on their own.

In sum I give the Robostir a big ole’ “thumbs up:” it stirred everything I put it into, it didn’t show any signs of wear from the heat, it isn’t hurting my pots or pans in any way and the cleanup was a real breeze. I think this little guy will be a perfect helper. Now when I cook those big dinners for all of my friends I’ll have the ability to let Robo Stir take care of one pot while I’m attending another, getting things in and out of the oven, preparing the salad, etc. I think I might have found a new best friend for my kitchen.