Pokemon Go for Windows Phone and How to Play It

Pokémon Go for Windows Phone and How to Play It

Pokémon Go for Windows Phone and How to Play It

People recognise Pokemon as a legendary game and other media from Japan. This thing turns into a top franchise with many media from a movie, video game, apparel, merchandise, etc. For a game, the recent and top game is called Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, this game isn’t available for windows phone. There is an interesting thing when discussing windows phone. From market share, this system is placed on third. A developer of Pokemon Go may not consider it as the big revenue source.

However, such matter is not the main issue because windows have a different configuration for a smartphone. Android is at first and iOS is the second place. Both of them get much attention from game developer and receive much supporting or upgrade. However, it does not mean users cannot play Pokemon Go for windows phone. Several ways are ready to fulfil what users need and you will know at below section. It is better to know gameplay before playing and learn more about windows system.

Details of Pokemon Go for Windows Phone

Details of Pokémon Go for Windows Phone

Why is Pokemon Go not available for windows phone? It is the question that needs the answer to fulfilling majority of users around the world. A developer should consider Pokemon Go for windows phone due to increasing demand from users. Windows phone is slightly different from other smartphones on market. As mentioned above, this system is at third place after Android and iOS. People think this kind of phone is like laptop or PC where Windows is the basic system. Actually, a mobile version of this system is lighter and specifically developed for the mobile device. On contrary, you may get to install recent Windows to tablet as long as it fits compatibility issue.

Pokemon Go reaches the top list on game industry in less than six months after official release. This beats several popular games and still attracts more player around the world. The game is developed to incorporate reality world. Player will act as Pokémon hunter and master to capture and train them. This gameplay is what you get from Pokemon Go for windows phone.

When Pokemon is nearby, players receive the notification then map to lead into Pokémon location. After that, they need to use Pokémon ball to capture such thing directly. Capturing is the main event in this game and it takes utmost precision. Rare and high-level Pokémon is difficult to find and it’s not easy to capture. You may get the same Pokémon again and similar to the previous one due to a similarity in term of location. You can get those features in Pokémon Go for windows phone.

Pokemon Go for Windows Phone

Users are able to install Pokemon Go for windows phone in two ways. There are the third party and directly from app bundle. Both of them gives the different result, but users still get a majority of Pokemon feature. Installing the third party might be the right solution due to regular update. If you do not have necessary knowledge regarding windows phone system, this reduces the complexity of installation.

Windows phone has the similar feature to let users install an application without direct download. This feature uses app bundle from third party developer. A process may take a little bit technical and not recommended for a new player or users in Pokemon Go for windows phone. One disadvantage of this method is a lack of supportive gear from an official developer. As you know, this game is able to play via gear to create remarkable sensation and experience.

If you intend to play via windows phone, it is better to know some consideration. Firstly, the device is updated to the recent version. Old system cannot support new game and you do not find much trouble for installation. Make sure additional and supporting apps are ready. Windows use their own system such as Net Framework as the visit official site for more information. Therefore, you can enjoy Pokemon Go for windows phone.