Oukitel U11 Plus Review as Preference


Oukitel U11 Plus Review

Oukitel U11 Plus Review

Smartphone market grows extensively in last five years due to significant improvement in processor technology. In this review, you will see one of the promising devices with advanced tech and elegant design. The name might not sound familiar, but the technical spec is something that’s worth to look forward. New devices come every year, and Oukitel should deliver what customers want the most. This review takes some essential aspects such as design, size, processor, memory, storage, camera, features, connectivity, and battery.

Smartphone users concern more about capability and functionality. You may find many devices with a fancy design from outside, but a lack of capacity in term of hardware and software. Instead of having the best devices, you will end up to get the worst. That does not happen for Oukitel U11 Plus, which is developed specifically for many tasks. The next section will explore more about Oukitel U11 Plus review based the aspects that already mentioned previously.

The Main Points for Oukitel U11 Plus Review

The Main Points for Oukitel U11 Plus Review

Oukitel U11 Plus Review starts from design and size. The manufacturer uses a big display to provide high visibility. The screen size is 5.7-inch that’s larger than some competitors. More Prominent display goes side-by-side with IPS screen and 16M colours. Screen resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels that are enough to play a multimedia file in HD mode. Oukitel U11 Plus is placed at mid-segment, and the display might not be as advanced as premium level. However, the comparison between this device and competitor delivers the top rating from a screen and design aspects. Nowadays, customers take much attention to capability. Well, the display of Oukitel U11 Plus is solid proof for such purpose.

Hardware and software are not separated in Oukitel U11 Plus Review. For RAM, this device uses 4 GB capacity and octa-core as a processor. Chipset comes from Mediatek MT6750T, and its GPU is Mali T860. GPU relates closely to display to bring ultimate graphic result. Mediatek is a prominent manufacturer of the mobile processor, and several big players use similar tech as Oukitel U11 Plus. Operating system relies on Android 7.0 or Nougat.

Storage is necessary to put any files. Essential storage in Oukitel U11 Plus is 64 GB. In general, this capacity is enough to store many files, especially multimedia. Some users require more space, and external storage is a good option. Slot Micro SD is ready to receive external memory up to 128 GB. You can add extended memory to increase device’s capability. Well, storage is also part of Oukitel U11 Plus Review.

Interesting stuff from Oukitel U11 Plus Review is a camera. A smartphone without advanced camera looks less convincing. Two cameras are installed at front and rear side. The primary camera has 13 MP, and it’s similar to front one. This is bigger camera than competitors, particularly for the secondary one at the front. Usually, you only find less than 10 MP in mid-segment smartphones.

Moreover, connectivity and communication aspect uses some features. There are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G network, and GSM. Additional features are a fingerprint, GPS, microUSB, and accelerator. For entertainment, jack audio and loudspeaker models are ready to support your favourite music. All of them are included in Oukitel U11 Plus Review.

Furthermore, the battery for Oukitel U11 Plus is 3700 mAH. This capacity is colossal, and you cannot find the same or close size to this one. Users do not bother to recharge frequently because the standby time is 350 hours. Maximum talk time is 15 hours. This battery uses USB to recharging process. Also, Oukitel U11 Plus uses Lithium polymer to make the thin battery that fits the device frame.

Every smartphone has specs to make the distinction. In Oukitel U11 Plus Review, you see that new Android is installed with a bigger capacity for battery. A camera is also on the top list regarding the resolution to support photography enthusiast. Therefore, Oukitel U11 Plus is recommended choice for better tech and reasonable price.