Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6 from Several Aspects


Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6

Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6 from Several Aspects

New smartphones come every year with many advancements and upgrades. Samsung is leading company that turns into giant smartphone manufacturer in gadget industry. Everyone recognises galaxy as flagship brand and several phones are marked as the top product. One of them is Galaxy S6 and S-series means premium product. However, Samsung still has competitors to disturb domination and one of them is Google with Nexus 6p. It is an interesting thing when discussing Nexus 6P and Galaxy S6.

Android is the operating system developed by Google that transforms smartphone industry. Most people think Google is an only software company to provide update and development activity. With fast growing market, Google wants to take part in hardware market and Nexus is the top product to enter this industry. Nexus is specifically built for Android 6.0 or Marshmallow and the principal manufacturer is Huawei. On the other side, Galaxy S6 still uses Lollipop with an option to upgrade. The next section will explore more about Nexus 6P vs galaxy S6 from several aspects.

More about Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6

In the first section, we will see the display to explore Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6. If you like a big screen, Nexus 6P is more preferable. It has 5.7-inch with resolution 1440 x 2560 pixel. The display uses AMOLED and capacitive touchscreen with 16M colours. Samsung Galaxy S6 is only 5.1-inch and the display resolution is similar to Nexus. The only difference is Super AMOLED to boost visibility. You may see the big picture in Nexus, but Samsung delivers top detail when you play HD movie. Big size means heavier and Nexus 6P has 178 g for its weight. Galaxy is more lightweight with just 138 g. Both of them use Gorilla Glass to enhance the protection.

Nexus 6P

As it mentioned above, Nexus 8P is better from operating system aspect due to Google product that’s specifically made for Android Marshmallow. This phone was launched in September 2016 and it’s newer than Galaxy that’s launched in March 2016. Six months are enough to develop the top product to fight against the competitor. In Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6 review, the chip and processor are also important. Galaxy S6 uses Exynos 7420 and Nexus 6P is Snapdragon 810. Both of smartphone use 3 GB for RAM.

Both of smartphones uses different camera capability. Galaxy has 16 MP for a primary camera with autofocus and LED flash. A secondary camera is 5 MP that’s enough for video call. Nexus has smaller camera resolution for primary one which is only 12 MP, but bigger for secondary one which is 8 MP. Camera is part of comparison in Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6.

As a smartphone, 4G LTE is not a new feature for Nexus and Galaxy. Both of them are capable of accessing this high-speed network. In term of Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6 review from features, there is no significant difference. Both of them have a fingerprint, multimedia player, Wi-Fi device, Bluetooth, microSD, jack audio, etc. It is tough choice to choose because basic phone and advanced smartphone technologies are available on both devices.

Samsung Galaxy S6

If you need a smartphone with big battery capacity, Nexus 6P is better than Galaxy S6. Big size gives more space on battery area. Based on official spec, nexus uses 3450 mAh as battery capacity. On contrary, Galaxy S6 is only available for 2550 mAh. The gap is approximately 90. The battery is part of Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6.

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What is the best from both phones? It is not easy to question to answer as people have their own preference. Nexus may have big size, but it is comfortable to use in hand. Galaxy is also suitable is not bad either. When you need performance, Nexus with Android 6.0 is better and you can get similar OS after upgrading in Galaxy S6. Therefore, Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S6 review gives balance comparison to add to your own account.