Some New Things and What I’ve Learned About CPA Networks


I was recently asked a very good question that I think it’s necessary to share: The question was; “What are the newest projects that you’ve been working on? And what have you learned from that process?” I think this is a very good question and I think you’ll learn a lot from my answer. Well, I’ve been focusing on what’s called CPA networks. CPA stands cost per action. Basically, what happens is I am playing the publisher side where I have my content and I’m publishing it out to these advertisers and these advertisers are pretty much my affiliates, selling my products, and then I pay them per action. So I’m paying per opt-in.

Basically what happens is I say, okay, I’m willing to pay anybody you get to opt-in to my list $2.50 per opt-in. Let me explain this a little further. Let’s say, $2.50 an opt-in, for some of these opt-ins, and then I keep all the money. But basically I’ve got to pay $2.50 per action on that. So if I said I’m willing to spend $30 per sale, then I’d give you 30 dollars. And so it’s a pre-negotiated price with a broker, and then the broker goes out and starts contacting all of these different affiliates. What’ he’ll say is: “Hey, listen, I have this offer. Here’s what it is. Can you send it out?” And they’ll go out and they’ll do all the work for us. That’s basically what I’ve been focusing on lately. CPA networks are definitely something you should consider if you run an online business.

Now the next question regarding what I’ve learned…

Learned About CPA Networks 2018

One of the biggest things that I’ve learned about CPA networks is that it’s a totally different world than the internet marketing world. It’s more of a Joe Public. When I say Joe Public, I’m referring to you needing to keep things as simple as possible. You’ve really got to break things down to the simplest level for your team. Then once you do that you simply ask a question to yourself: “What does Joe Public want?” From that perspective, it’s got me to start thinking about simplifying a lot of things because you are dealing with a newbie. Joe Public doesn’t know a lot about internet marketing and you have to guide him along the way. It also made me realize the fact that my niche, the internet marketing niche, is pretty much newbies.

However as a rule — regardless of your niche what we’re doing is we’re looking for creating online oil wells. Let me just give you a list of some that we’ve created to date. The oil wells I’ve thought about are for example the possibly selling my stuff on eBay, Amazon and ClickBank. The reason I brought those up is because they already have people in that niche which is a huge network! They already have a group of people that are going to them for resources and information. I and you too can tap into that. Realize that your market is not just searching for me or you directly, but rather they’re searching to buy stuff in your particular niche. So, expand your oil wells! There is a ton of traffic waiting for you!

The rule of thumb is that you need to sell your products on as many networks as possible. Create as many online oil wells as possible. Doing this allows you to get more exposure from various networks with big audiences of people in your niche most likely ready to buy from you. If you put yourself out there, there’s no telling how much money you can make. Remember, it’s a numbers game. The more exposure you get the more your business will rise to the next level.