How to Merge Cells in Excel with Easy Steps


People use table to create data and work on number. Basic word software is able to perform table, but not for arithmetic operation. That is why they use spreadsheet-based software and the most popular one is Excel. In this software, you will find column and row to create cell. So, how to merge cells in excel? Merging is one method to combine more than two or more cells into one.

As you can see, column uses alphabet and row uses number. Cell A1 means column A and row 1. You can merge cells in the same row or column. Moreover, you may merge more cells in more than one columns and rows at once. This method is common when you have specific form of table that requires modifying to fit your preference. To get more answers and steps for how to merge cells in excel, read the following sections.

Steps on How to Merge Cells in Excel

How to Merge Cells in Excel with Easy Steps

  1. Merge and unmerge cells in Excel

How to merge cells in Excel effectively? For your information, merging cells in Excel is straightforward process and very easy. You can do this process; even for beginner and just know Excel at glance. Excel is proprietary software from Microsoft and part of Office package. People know three popular applications form this package. There are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Each of them has different functions and capability but related each other. You can get table on Word and PowerPoint, but Excel is at the top of three. For word processing, Word is the best one and PowerPoint gives expressive presentation with beautiful color.

Merge and unmerge cells in Excel

There are several steps on how to merge cells in Excel. Firstly, Excel should be already on your computer or laptop. Today, this application is available for mobile device and smartphone. However, you may not get as powerful as PC version. You need to open Excel and choose new file for beginning or existing one to edit. Keep in mind that merging only works for cell that touches each other. For example, you can merge A1 and B1. You cannot merge only A1 and C1 without including A2. To merge A1, B1, and C1, just select A1 until A3 using usual cursor. You can use another way to select those cells. Choose A1 then hold shift key on keyboard. Use arrow to move from A1 until C1 simultaneously. It is similar when you select many cells at once. After that, go to Home and see the alignment section. There is Merge & Center button. Click this one and merging is done. It is one basic step on how to merge cells in excel. You can unmerge this process. Normally, press Ctrl and Z to undo. Another way is to select already merging cell then and see Merge & Center part. You see active sign in this part that means the cell is in merged mode. Click again for deactivation process. Cells will go back into normal mode. This process is similar when you want to merge or unmerge cells in the same columns.

  1. Before and after merging cells

As it mentioned when answering basic step on how to merge cells in excel, merging and unmerging are straightforward procedure. You just select cells then do merging or unmerging. Besides those procedures, some matters are important to know related things before and after merging cell. When merging empty cell, you may not find problem. Merging cell will have the same properties as other non-merging ones. You can type ad modify anything. Choosing Merge & Center means the character position is at center of cell. You can change to be at the top, bottom, left; right, etc., depending on your need.

Before and after merging cells

The key issue on how to merge cells in Excel is procedure to merge non-empty cell. Merging is easy, but the result may not be as you expected. For example, cell A1, B1, and C1 are not empty. There are numbers or character and you want to merge them into single cell. Just like the procedure based on previous step, only character on A1 will stay. The rest will be deleted automatically. It goes similar when merging A1, A2, and A3. Only A1 will preserve its content. You lose content at A2 and A3. How to get those characters into merging cell? One simple answer is to fulfill manually as usual. You cannot get those contents again unless undo the process. Unfortunately, there is limited undo process for excel. Therefore, you have to think carefully before merging. Keep in mind that unmerging cell does not bring the data back into normal condition. Therefore, this information is important, particularly when merging cells in different columns and rows. You do not want to work from beginning due to small mistake for merging cells, right?

  1. Additional information

You already know the procedure on how to merge cells in Excel. Several matters may be helpful as reference. One benefit of Excel is table with unlimited number. You can work on many tables without worry about configuration. As long as the tables and contents are in proper order, Excel is powerful tool to support this task. Merging has similar properties as standalone cell. You already know this matter from previous section. You can change the content or character position into top-left, center, etc. Another way to edit this cell is using Format Cells section. There are some useful features, such as alignment, number type, font, border and protection. If you intend to add table from Excel into word, make sure to add border. Normally, table from excel will be treated as similar to table from word. You can get table properties. However, it is better to edit directly from Excel before adding into Word.

Additional information

Excel is powerful tool to work on spreadsheet and table. You can create data at Excel before add it into statistical software. When working on table, merging is one of key procedure to know. You have to be careful before merging because the cells can turn into different mode. The most important thing is first selecting cell and content inside all selecting cells. Merging means you create one cell and only one content will stay. Therefore, this is the key why some people find Excel is quite difficult. From steps above, you already know and understand the basic ways on how to merge cells in Excel.