LG Styler with Fresh Looks and Cool Features


As the home for great inventions, LG produces high quality products. One of the last products is the LG Styler. The manufacturer mentions that this product is designed to replace your old wardrobe. Of course, it is packed with plenty of features that will make wooden wardrobe of yours looks out of place. Align with the company intention to make life easier, this modern wardrobe is designed to help people who want to have wardrobe with complete feature.

Unlike conventional wardrobe that is only designed so that you can store your clothes, it has the ability to do many things for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the review about this product. The review will cover the design, feature, performance, and many more. By the end of the review, you can decide whether this modern wardrobe deserve a place in your home.

Specification of LG Styler

LG Styler with Fresh Looks and Cool Features

  1. Design

The design of LG Styler is slightly slimmer than conventional wardrobe. It has the same height, yet leaned layout. The product is made out of lightweight metal material. There are many reasons this material is used. Durability aspect becomes the main reasons why the manufacturer decided to use it for their LG Styler. The product will be able to last longer than common wardrobe made out of wood.


Since it is made out of metal, termites will not be able to chew its component. Even though it is made out of metal material, the lightweight feature makes it easy to reposition in your home interior. The door of this modern wardrobe is equipped with touchscreen feature. You will be able to control its function to the central command located on the wardrobe door. The elegant impression is visible through its glossy and dark exterior.

  1. Feature

The most used feature on LG Styler is probably the TrueSteam Technology. As the name suggest, it is capable of sanitize your clothing by applying steam on it. You can get fresh and steamed clothes with a single push of a button located on the door. As it goes with steamed iron, the steam on this product is also able to remove wrinkle on your clothes as well. Many people are not feeling confident wearing apparel with wrinkles on it. If you feel the same, the steaming technology implemented in LG Styler will help you to get rid of it easily. Other important feature implemented in this product is odor removal. Some odors can be easily removed by washing the clothes. Meanwhile, the other decided to stay. The odor removal of this wardrobe will help you to get rid of persistent odor. Other than body odor, your clothes will also free from odor caused by smoke, food, and even detergent.


People with sensitive skin are often suffering from uncomfortable clothes. Therefore, LG decided to equip the LG Styler with quick refresh feature. As the name suggest, this feature is able to make your clothes feel refreshing. After using this feature, the clothes will feel smooth and smell good. You can adjust how long the process will be carried out. The shortest duration on the setting is only 20 minutes. It means that you can turn it on before you go to shower and complete the whole process when you finished showering. During the process, the hook of your clothes hanger will shake gently. It removes the leftover steam on the clothes.

The best feature that you can get from LG Styler is the drying feature. For one of other reason, your newly washed clothes might wet. Spilled drink or rain might accidently make your clothes wet. The drying feature is capable of making your clothes dry instantly. The machine inside this futuristic wardrobe is equipped with advance system that pumps heat to the inner chamber. This feature is also useful when you want to have dry clothes right after you wash it. As it goes with the previous feature, you can adjust the duration as well. Even though the product has leaned layout, it is capable of storing couple of clothes together. You will be able to take advantage of this feature to multiple clothes at the same time. This feature is highly recommended to process a set of clothes before you go to work.

  1. Performance

There are plenty of pros and cons about the performance of LG Styler. The pro side mentions that it has excellent performance. The setting feature allows you to adjust the system according to your preference. However, the opposite side mentions that the performance of this wardrobe is not match the price tag it has to offer. For note, the product is available in the market at $1,999.  Having iron to remove crease and remove odor is more affordable than having this product in the first place. That being said, the performance of this product is subjective. One user might have different opinion about its performance in comparison to other users. Therefore, it is important to try the product before even using it in the first place.


After reading about the specification above, you should be able to draw conclusion related to whether it is worth your interior space or not. The key feature of this product is obviously the exterior. The dark and glowing exterior of this wardrobe is designed to satisfy people who want to have luxurious decoration. Other than being used for decorative object, the wardrobe is actually a functional product. The product is loaded with features as well. The features of this product will make your morning time more exciting. You will not have to be bothered with ironing your clothes anymore. After washing the clothes, you can store it in immediately. The wardrobe will help to dry your clothes. Most importantly, it will remove the detergent odor left in your clothes. Bottom line, some people are interested on the benefit that they can get from LG Styler. The elegant and luxurious impression of its exterior makes this product suitable for modern home interior. It is advisable to place the wardrobe on your bedroom interior.