Leagoo Kiicaa Mix Review and Specification


In this Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review, we are going to talk about the specification of this product. Due to the fierce market competition for high-quality smartphone, the manufacturer tries to create the best products. The manufacturer of this product focuses on two important issues. They want to create elegantly designed smartphone with enhanced performance. If you look at the latest trends on the market, you will realize that smartphone with such quality is hard to find. The best part about this particular product is not only the elegant design, but also the reliable performance it has to offer. Let’s dive into the specification of this product to see its true potential. From the following description, you will be able to see that the product has many features to offer. Every feature included in this device is designed to complete your need.

The Main Point of of Leagoo Kiicaa Mix Review

  1. Appearance

The first thing that we need to discuss when talking about Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review is the appearance of the product. Previously, we already know that it has elegant design. The elegance of its design can be found in many parts of the device. You will be able to find the beauty of the device from the bezel layout. On this Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review, you can see that the sides and edges of its layout is using bezel design. Apparently, the bezel is designed in thin size. Even though it is barely noticeable, you will be comfortably able to grip the device. Other than the screen surface, all parts of the device are completely made out of metal material. Due to this material, it should not be surprising if the smartphone is slightly heavy. That being said, you still can fit the smartphone on your pocket without being worried that it will burden you.

Talking about the screen, it comes at 5.5 inch of dimension. The screen is manufactured with IPS LCD technology. The resolution of this screen is up to 1080 x 1920 pixels. For a screen in its size, it means that the screen density is roughly about 401 pixels per inch. Of course, it is suitable for visual use such as snapping photo, viewing video or playing game. It is also interesting to point out that the screen is occupying most area of its front side. The bottom side is allocated from home button. Meanwhile, the speaker is placed on the top edge instead of top side as it goes with most smartphone these days. On the rear side, the camera is placed right in the top middle of it. Both camera and LED flash are cased in elliptical shape. The smartphone is manufactured in many color options with black becomes the popular option.

  1. Component Specification

The discussion on Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review continues with the component specification of this device. Even though the appearance of this product is designed in elegant theme, the component is relatively standard. For the processor, it relies on 1.5 GHz quad core technology. It seems that standard Cortex A53 version is used for the processor. In order to support the processor, the graphics component used is none other than Mali T860 MP2. This particular combination is capable of delivering satisfying performance. In addition to that component combination, the manufacturer decided to use Mediatek MT6750T technology for the chipset. Therefore, it should not be surprising if Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review also tells us that the chipset gives decent performance when being used to play mobile games. As for the operating system, this device takes advantage of Android operating system to run the system. The latest version of Nougat is used for the operating system.

Of course, the component specification on Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review is more than the specification of processor, graphics, and chipset. The smartphone also uses decent memory to run the application. The RAM allocated on this elegant product is up to 3 GB. Users are mostly satisfied with its size. Meanwhile, the internal storage provided is up to 32 GB. It allows users to store plenty of their files. If the users are not satisfied with the internal memory provided, they can take advantage of external memory. The capacity of external memory that can be handled by the smartphone is up to 256 GB. MicroSD card will fit the slot of external memory of this device.

  1. Feature

When talking about the feature, one of the most important features to discuss is the camera. The Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review mentions that it is good for being used as selfie camera. This opinion is reasonable considering the front camera for selfie is at 13 megapixels. It is higher than most camera specifications in the market these days. The rear camera also comes at 13 megapixels as well. This camera is enhanced with autofocus feature. LED flash feature added in the camera will help users to capture in dark places. Camera with high-definition resolution allows the users to capture photos with impressive quality. When being used to record video, the camera does excellent job. This Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review is ended with the battery specification. The Lithium-Ion battery is capable of storing up to 3000 mAh of electric current. This non-removable battery allows the users to use the smartphone continuously in significantly long period without being plugged. The best part about the battery is the fast charging feature.

From the specification above, you can see that the smartphone is equipped with decent components. The design comes in elegant theme at medium dimension. Meanwhile, the components under its screen are capable of providing reliable performance. All of its operational is powered by long-lasting use. Despite the benefits offered, it comes with some minor drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is located on the screen of this device. Apparently, it is not layered with sufficient protections. You will need to be careful not to make the screen scratched. Bottom line, this device is worth using regardless the drawbacks and standard components used. You can use this Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review as reference when looking for decent smartphone.