Gifts For Boyfriend – My Favorite Alternative Gadget Ideas

Just the other day I was asked by my partner if, apart from the obvious gifts such as an iPod, Xbox 360, a digital camera, mobile phone etc, I could give her some ideas of what I would like as a gift. I realize that there are literally thousands of other things to choose from but I thought I’d share with you my five favorites that I stumbled across and subsequently gave to her.

I hope you find them interesting and that they will help to get you thinking about some different gifts for boyfriends, husbands etc. they are in no particular order and any feedback would be appreciated.

Gifts For Boyfriend - My Favorite Alternative Gadget Ideas

1) The Worlds First Transverse Radio Control Helicopter. (For Beginners/Intermediates)

  • From Around $65

This little beauty comes fully assembled and with a rechargeable battery, a spare set of rotary blades (just in case), and a flight simulator kit and software so I can also play at flying planes or helicopters on my PC!

The helicopter can fly up, down, backward, forward and is perfect for me as I am a newcomer but it is also good for someone with a little more experience.
Because it’s perfectly suitable for beginners I hoping that we can both have ago in fact we could even get one each and play choppers together!

2) My Very Own Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Robot

Around $180

One of my absolute favorites! (I’ve written that because I really would love it!)
Complete with talking messages direct from the Star Wars movies this 15″ tall replica is bound become my SECOND best friend and helper. R2D2 will play games, hold my drinks with his swing down arm and with voice recognition I can teach him all sorts of other commands such as which direction to go in, where to go and he’ll even act the century for any personal belongings. Be careful though, like us, he also has his very own mood swings so like me he needs to be kept happy!

3) Garmin GPS Forerunner Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor. Basically, It Tells The Time. BUT I already Have Watch!! It does an lot more than just tell the time!

  • Around $195

With this glorified watch, and I mean glorified, my partner can See for herself that she is getting my heart beating really quickly and also how long it takes him to get it back to my resting heart rate! Whether I’m running, walking, whatever, this beauty will give me precise distance and speed I’m traveling at with pinpoint accuracy. I can upload the workout data to my PC which will show me the calories I’ve burnt, distance I’ve traveled, heart rate and pace and judging by the testimonials I’ve read I’ve no doubt that it will ensure that I’m motivated to exercise more regularly which will also be good for our relationship.

4) Pocket Digital Camera/Recorder and What a Price!

  • Around $35 + $7 for the memory card.

As you can see, it’s no surprise that it’s small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of my hand! It’s got loads of storage space for photos and up to 1 hour of high quality recording which I can easily upload with built in software by simply plugging it straight in to the laptop or PC. Also has 4 x digital zoom and good quality built in microphone.

5) Romantic Star Light Projector.

  • Around $35

What about this. It comes with a simple step by step guide and takes about an hour to assemble. Powered with a couple of AA batteries it’s sure to put stars our relationship. We can name our very own constellations or pick out one or two we recognize. Looks really cool and for not a lot of dollars!

Well there they are folks and to save her time walking round all the stores, she can buy them all online and have them delivered to the door so we are all happy.
I hope this inspires others to look a bit further than the other normal list of gifts for boyfriends or for that matter, any man in your life because lets face it, a lot of other items chosen often make us very unsociable.