How to Get Galaxy J7 Find SIM Number and IMEI ?


You need to use SIM card to activate your phone. In general, you have two options when deciding to have a phone. Firstly, the phone and SIM card are available separately. Secondly, you can buy phone alongside its SIM card. Keep in mind that the second option means the bundled product which one phone is only for one number. Now, you may ask on how to get Galaxy J7 find SIM number and IMEI? The next section will tell what you should do to get the answer.

SIM card is small chip with a function to connect the device to mobile network. In past time, the phone network was solely based on SIM card tech. Today, you still have access to network using WIFI feature. Android changes the way people communicate. Most of message or calling app relies on internet service.

Get Galaxy J7 Find SIM Number and IMEI

Why does the phone need SIM card? In spite of its Wi-Fi tech, SIM card is still important. You cannot find hotspot every time, except at specific location. This is where mobile network turns into broadband internet. Actually, the basic phone functions are not completely vanished, but expand to new tech and feature. The service using SIM card has two modes: normal and internet. The first one is old tech, which is still reliable for today communication.

Get Galaxy J7 Find SIM Number and IMEI
Get Galaxy J7 Find SIM Number and IMEI
  1. Tap the setting menu

To get Galaxy J7 find SIM number, you just need to tap setting menu then select about phone. Go to status area then see IMEI and ICCID. The latter is SIM number for your phone. Keep in mind that Galaxy J7 uses Android Lollipop version as operating system. You may upgrade it to marshmallow version or higher that change its system and configuration. However, the basic thing is similar where you just go to setting and find status section. ICCID number will be there to represent SIM card number.

  1. Check the SIM card itself

You can replace SIM card from phone directly. For this process, you have to be careful, particularly when the phone is still active. There are two variants of Galaxy J7 on market: single and dual SIM. Both are available in different market area. Usually, removing SIM card is not issue as long as you follow the manual book. You can deactivate phone then remove battery to see the SIM slot. Release it from the slot and see small number printed in the card. That is where you find what you are looking for.

IMEI is serial number specifically for phone or device. You see it when accessing the setting and about phone section. For your information, it contains several digits that act as ID for Samsung product. Each smartphone has different IMEI. You can also check this number to know the originality of phone because the refurbished or secondhand phone market might change it. For Samsung, you can dial *#06# to access the serial number directly. When removing battery, this number is also printed at the back phone body. Well, those are the answers related to Galaxy J7 find SIM number and IMEI.

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