Galaxy J7 Find Serial Number and How to Do It ?


You may now have Samsung device at hand and want to know its serial number. For Galaxy J7 find serial number, there are few things to do in order to know what serial number in that phone. Before discussing further, you need to know about serial number or commonly known as IMEI. What is it? Why do people want to know the number? Well, finding it is easy, but what you can get from this number is far important.

In simple term, serial number is like ID for phone. Most of gadget like mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and other electronic devices have this number. The number consists of specific amount of digits to certain manufacturers. For example, you can tell whether the phone is definitely from Samsung or not. In this case, costumers will know that the product is genuine. As you know, each device only has one unique serial number that’s different from others.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, which turns into serial number for simple pronunciation. The main function is to identify the legal matter when buying new phone. Is there any chance that IMEI is fake or unoriginal? The answer is yes because the product has been refurbished with no genuine spare part. For example, you can replace specific part inside Galaxy J7 component that changes its configuration. From outside, the device still has Samsung cover, but not from its core and software. This change gives invalid IMEI which strip all guarantee from principal manufacturer.

Finding Serial Number in Samsung Galaxy J7

Galaxy J7 Find Serial Number

Galaxy J7 find serial number method is easy and straightforward. You can try some ways to do it.

  1. Tap setting and find about phone section.

Tap it then choose phone status. In this section, you see IMEI and other numbers such as IP Address. For your information, this method is similar to other Samsung phone, particularly Android-based products. You can check other Galaxy series after tapping on about phone section.

  1. Dial *#06# on keypad

If you want shortcut answer, use this method immediately. The display will show IMEI directly on screen. You can have both steps to check whether they have the same answer or not. Normally, there is no difference between the first and second method.

  1. Check the back cover on phone body

You can remove the battery and see the printed number directly. This method is applicable for Galaxy series with removable battery. Of course, J7 uses removable lithium battery with capacity 3000 mAh. You can remove it then check the IMEI automatically. This process is not effective since the device has to be deactivated. Actually, you do not need to use the last method because the first and second ones are enough.

Which one is simple and easy? It depends on what you want to know about Galaxy J7 find serial number. Knowing serial number helps to verify the product’s originality. If you buy from Samsung official store, Galaxy J7 is definitely original. On the other side, check IMEI before buying secondhand phone if you have doubt about phone condition.