What You Can Expect from Leagoo M9 Pro


Leagoo M9 Pro is expected to hit the market in the near future. People are enthusiastically waiting for it after the manufacturer informs about its specification. In this review article, we are going to talk about complete specifications of this particular device. With such specification, the smartphone is expected to have satisfying performance. The product is capable of giving excellent performance when being used for normal use on daily basis. Most importantly, it is capable of running any mobile games without having any troubles. The manufacturer mentions that they target market on middle segment. It means that the device has decent quality yet offered at affordable price. Therefore, do not be surprised if some of the features in it are on the average quality. Without further ado, here is the complete specification of the device as well as what you can expect from it.

Complete Specification of Leagoo M9 Pro

Complete Specification of Leagoo M9 Pro
Complete Specification of Leagoo M9 Pro
  1. Appearance

The market of smartphone these days is packed with products that have gold or rose gold color theme. The manufacturer of Leagoo M9 Pro decided to make it looks different. They provide smartphone in both gray and champagne color theme instead. The product dimension is at 79.8 by 154.5 mm with thickness of 8,8 mm. As you can see here, the dimension of this product allows you to slip it on your pocket easily. The dimension also fits in our grip perfectly. As for the weight it comes at 224 g. It becomes lightweight since it is manufactured by combining plastic and metal material. Overall, the layout of Leagoo M9 Pro is similar to standard smartphone these days. One notable difference is the home button. They decided to place it in the screen instead of the outside as it goes with other smartphones. Even though it prevents malfunctioning issues due to physical button damage, it consumes the screen space.

Talking about the screen, Leagoo M9 Pro has standard 5.7 inch of screen. This standard screen is enhanced with IPS technology. Despite being standard, this technology is used in plenty smartphones. Unfortunately, with such wide screen, the resolution is below average. The screen resolution of this device is at 720 by 1280 pixels. As previously mentioned, some of its component is not the best. It is intentional to reduce the price of this particular product. It is surprising that the layout left spaces on the bottom section. Even though the company does not include physical home button, it has empty space on the bottom. It seems that the company cannot let go the distinctive design of conventional smartphone. Some people might say that it is waste of space. Meanwhile, the top front side of the device is allocated for speaker and front camera.

  1. Component Specification

When discussing about specification about a smartphone product, the component under the screen is worth considering. The Leagoo M9 Pro is equipped with processor of quad core technology. The manufacturer relies on Cortex A53 version as it goes with other series of the same manufacturer. The manufacturer realizes the importance of reliable performance for their loyal users. Therefore, they support this processor with Mali T720 graphics processing unit. The combination of those components is all it takes to get decent performance of smartphone use. Other than giving excellent performance when being used for normal use on daily basis, those components make Leagoo M9 Pro recommended for gaming purpose. Meanwhile, the operating system relies on Android technology. They select Android of marshmallow version for it. It is unfortunate that outdated operating system is used for new smartphone.

Leagoo M9 Pro
Leagoo M9 Pro

As previously mentioned, the manufacturer is targeting lower segment of the market. Therefore, some of the smartphone components are not using the best you can find in the market. The RAM of Leagoo M9 Pro is at 2 GB. Despite its reliable ability to run many applications, apparently you still can find smartphone with higher RAM specification. If you want to store your file in the device, you can take advantage of its 16 GB of storage. For those of you who consider that the space is not sufficient to accommodate your files, you can always take advantage of the memory external. The device is capable of handling different variety of memory card quality. With such component specification, the device is also equipped with useful features as well.

  1. Feature

Since some of the components are not in good quality, the manufacturer tries to use different features to attract people attention. One of the key features of Leagoo M9 Pro is the camera. The camera is capable of capturing images with crisp color and vibrant video. The image that can be captured with this camera is up to 3264 by 2448 pixels. Meanwhile, the video resolution that can be recoded with the same camera is up to 1920 by 1080 pixels at 30 frames per seconds. The front camera comes at 5 megapixels while the rear is at 13 megapixels. Exclusive features are added to the camera are including autofocus, geotagging, HD resolution, manual camera setting, and many others. The entire operational of this device is powered by 3500 mAh of Li-Ion battery. This removable battery supports fast charging feature. It is able to power the smartphone for long period.

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After reading the specification above, you can easily see that this particular device has pros and cons. The price is significantly lowered in order to make low market segment is able to afford it. Unfortunately, it comes at big cost. Those are some tradeoffs that the manufacturer of this smartphone willing to make in order to lower the price. Some specifications of this product might be under the average. That being said, it is completely tolerable considering the market aim of the manufacturer. Some superior features such as camera specification and removable battery version are included on the product to draw potential consumers. Bottom line, this device is recommended for those of you who want to get affordable smartphone, particularly when you do not mind with the quality and performance. The specification of Leagoo M9 Pro above is worth using.