7 Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics 2018


Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics
Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

If you are avid gamer, final fantasy is not new game. For your information, this game turned into popularity due to graphic, plot, character, and musical pieces. Nowadays, everyone cannot forget this game easily and more than millions people have been played it until today. Several games like Final Fantasy tactics are released as alternative.

Final Fantasy was intended for game console then expanded into personal computer, laptop and smartphone. Developer launches several versions and spin-off game with upgrades and new features. Why do you need alternative besides final fantasy? You may play similar game over and over again until finish it more than once. It is enough to seek new challenge. Moreover, many game developers start to create similar Final Fantasy and tactical role.

Some of them are better than final fantasy due to graphic, compatibility, gameplay, etc. As we know, the game industry is very competitive. New game will easily turn into popularity, but it takes difficult effort to stay on the top. The next list will explore some games similar to Final Fantasy tactics to get the new experience.

The Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

  1. King’s Bounty: The Legend
King's Bounty: The Legend
King’s Bounty: The Legend

King’s Bounty: the Legend is tactical and adventure game. Players will do the battle using elements and some characters. This game is quite similar to Final Fantasy due to the basic concept. However, you will find interesting characters, graphic, and gameplay. You are the hero to accomplish the quests. As usual, the setting of King’s Bounty: the Legend is in fantasy world. You may find familiar stuffs such as knight, kings, mages, princess, etc. The quests for hero are commander of armies, defeat enemy, and exploring new world.

Usually, players seek to destroy enemy. In this game, you should be more careful and alert because enemy is able to come anytime. To play this game, player should choose two options: battle and adventure modes. You can pick class to be the main character and explore the world to find treasures. This is the adventure mode. Basically, player collects anything to increase the level. As stated earlier, player will be the commander of armies in battle mode. You may not fight directly to enemy, but support with some skills

  1. Grotesque Tactics

When you want different genre, Grotesque tactics is good option. It is RPG and adventure but has interesting plot. Developer creates this game as satirical version of popular RPG. You may find storyline with humorous. The dialogue is very fun and the characters resemble other prominent games. However, this is one of games like Final Fantasy tactics due to adventure and basic concept. As usual, you will see village and dungeons for battle. This game will be your favorite to ease your mind. Of course, it takes a little bit time to learn how to play it properly

  1. Wakfu

One of alternative games like Final Fantasy tactics is Wakfu. The name is simple, but you should see closely to know why this game is so interesting. It has unique characters which do some quests in fictional world. Developer introduces anime-based figure for promotional. Colorful and cheerful atmosphere is what you see at the first time, but do not forget about killing enemy and solving the task. Well, the character consists of several groups with different skills and weapons. You just pick suitable one for your own. This game is definitely your favorite to spend leisure time at home.

  1. Disciples III: Renaissance
Disciples III: Renaissance
Disciples III: Renaissance

Disciple II: Renaissance is third installment from Disciple series. If you are familiar with previous version, the plot and gameplay are not the problem. Developer puts new features to improve this game. Player is able to become hero and destroy many creatures. For your information, the game is based on space universe and quite different from Final Fantasy. However, basic gameplay is similar due to fantasy world and attractive characters. Several characters are added with unique skill such as mages, Paladins, and healers. To accomplish this game, player needs to finish nineteen missions. This game is quite tough and very challenging.


Final Fantasy Tactics introduces The War of the Lions for gamers and fans. As usual, the game still takes place in fantasy world with new plot to accomplish. Final Fantasy has several versions on market. Nowadays, you will be able to play it on smartphone. Several new features are added to fulfill the demand. Developer makes sure this game is more intuitive when played in smartphone. Another feature is skip mode. For certain reason, you just skip particular scene then move to the new tasks. This game receives many accolades due to superficial graphics and characters.

  1. Record of Agarest War 2
Record of Agarest War 2
Record of Agarest War 2

One of games like Final Fantasy tactics is Record of Agarest War 2. The game is available for console and PC. You may wait patiently for the mobile version. Agarest Universe is where player should finish mission or quest. Developer improves many aspects to attract more gamers. You will see High Definition graphic to see vivid character and environment. Another improvement is mini-games. The basic concept is similar. Player stays in fictional universe where many unique characters emerge. Therefore, Record of Agarest War 2 is your option besides Final Fantasy.

  1. Valkyria Chronicles
Valkyria Chronicles
Valkyria Chronicles

One of popular games with the same league as Final Fantasy is Valkyria Chronicles. You may say that this game is not just one of games like Final Fantasy tactics. Gamers recognize this game as one of sophisticated ones with fancy design and HD graphic. The setting is in Europe where the world fell apart into two factions: the federation and the Empire. Payer acts as hero from Galia to defend country from invasion. This game involves mystical power through Valkyrur. That’s why you will find the same concept as final Fantasy. It looks like shooting or war, but it has some fantasy and magical aspects. To keep it enjoyable, developer puts new plot and tasks, so you will be having fun ultimately.

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Each of games in the list above has differences and similarity. You may see the game with attractive character and graphic, but not well in gameplay. Another option is the game with simple gameplay where everyone can win and pass to the next level. Final Fantasy might be stated as pioneer in the role playing genre. Of course, there were some previous games on market with the release date older than Final Fantasy. However, when you ask about final Fantasy, everyone knew certainty. This matter leads to some games like final fantasy tactics as alternative.