5 Prepaid Koodo Plan that You Can Enjoy


The prepaid feature of Koodo plan is intended for those of you who have great need of talking, texting and data using. As you might already know, in these modern days those needs are increasing. Old people have tendency to use their device to talk with each other. Meanwhile, people with younger age prefer to text and browse the internet with their gadget.

For those reasons, it is not surprising if this Canadian mobile retailer aims for wide array of target. The best part about it is that you do not need to make fixed-term contract and credit check. Those are the reason why it is different with other cellular plans. If you are interested in taking advantage of benefits offered by Koodo plan, you might need to know the following information.

All you need to Know about Prepaid Koodo Plan

5 Prepaid Koodo Plan that You Can Enjoy
5 Prepaid Koodo Plan that You Can Enjoy
  1. Benefit

Koodo plan offers plenty of benefits that can be enjoyed by people taking advantage of the prepaid feature. Plenty of cellular prepaid plans often come with bonus. Therefore, Koodo offers bonus as well. The bonus that you can enjoy is $20 upon the activation of this prepaid plan. For some people, $20 might not be a big number. However, it will help you during emergency where you need to call your contact. Other than this bonus, the prepaid plan also helps you to save 10% of automatic top up. When you top up your account, Koodo plan will give you additional 10% of your top up. Meanwhile, the last benefit that you can enjoy is additional 100 minute of talk booster. This benefit can be enjoyed for free. We will talk about the booster add-ons on the next section. As you can see, taking advantage of prepaid Koodo is worth your consideration.

  1. Base Plans

In order to keep your account active, you need to activate the base plans. The prepaid features of Koodo plan often several options that you can choose. Keep in mind that you need to renew the base plans within 30 days after its first activation. If you like to text and send picture from your device internationally, you might want to get the $15 package. For those of you who enjoy unlimited province calling in addition to the previous needs, $40 package is the one for you. The prepaid package of $45 is offered those benefits in addition to 500 MB of data. The last package is the $55. Instead of 500 MB of data, you will get 1 GB. Of course, you can do international texting, picture messaging, as well as province calling with this package. Keep in mind that you can only select one of those packages. Select wisely to know which one suits your need.

  1. Booster Add-ons

There are three types of booster add-ons offered in Koodo plan. Those booster add-ons are intended for texting, talking, and data using. The text booster add-on available is the $5, which grants you 250 texts. If you use your device for intense texting, you can select $20 for 1000 texts. Talk booster add-ons offer you 25 minutes of talking at $5. For more talking duration, it is recommended to select $20 instead. Meanwhile, the data booster add-ons also come in two different options. The $5 will only give you 50 MB of mobile data. In other hand, the $20 comes with 500 MB. If you have no idea which one to choose, you can consider your need of using the device. In general, the $20 options provide better benefits compared to $5 options.

  1. Activation

After reading about the benefits offered by prepaid Koodo plan, you might be interested to take the offer. Before you can enjoy all of the benefits above, you need to activate your device first. In order to activate your device, the first thing you need to do is purchase prepaid Koodo SIM card. You can do this by purchasing in the cellular shop. Alternatively, you can also bring your phone for activation. After you insert the prepaid Koodo SIM card to your device, it is time to select the base plan. You can select it by visiting their official website. Select the base plan based on your need. The last step to activate the device is to get the booster add-ons. Even though it is optional, it is highly recommended to take one. Unlike the base plans, booster add-ons do not have any expired date.

  1. Top Up

The first additional information about Koodo plan is the top up procedure. This top up is only applicable to the base plans. As previously mentioned, the booster add-ons do not require you to renew it. The renewal of base plans should be performed within 30 days upon its activation if you do not want your account to be expired. You can top up your account by taking advantage of credit card or Visa Debit card. Top up voucher is also a good alternative that you can consider. You can get the top up voucher from retailer partner or Koodo shop throughout Canada. To renew the base plans, the first thing you need to do is to log into the self-serve account of yours. The easiest way to do it is by dialing *611 from your device. Keep in mind that prepaid Koodo SIM card should be used when dialing.

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From the information above, you can see that this mobile retailer provides plenty of benefits. The base plans offered is above average compared to other. Meanwhile, the booster options allow you to choose one according to your need. The easy procedure of activation and top up makes it popular among people who do not want to be bothered with complicated procedure. Before you take advantage of the benefits offered, you might need to pay attention to create self-serve account. In order to do it, you will need to access their official website. Select for phone service options on the Koodo plan section. Complete the registration to create the account. After you have the account, feel free to select any package and booster add-ons that you like.